On the Case... (S7E13)
On the Case... (S7E16)
Killer in Plain Sight (S1E49)
Killer in Plain Sight (S1E52)
Motives And Murders (S1E3)
Motive To Murder (S1E7)
Motive To Murder (S1E8)
Murdertown (S1E3)
the First 48 (S9E12)
Crimes That Shook Britain (S2E2)
Crimes That Shook Britain (S2E6)
A Town And Country Murder (S3E4)
Homicide: Hours To Kill (S2E10)
Homicide Hunter (S4E3)
999 Killer On the Line (S2E6)
Vanished in Paradise
Snapped (S3E2)
Sex, Lies & Murder (S1E10)
I Lived with A Killer (S1E12)
24 To Life

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